2022         Visby International Centre for Composers | Visby, Sweden
2020        Leveld Kunstnartun | Ål i Hallingdal, Norway
2019         Untitled Space July Artist-In-Residence | Shanghai, China
2018         Self-directed composition residency | Porto, Portugal
2018         Westben Performer-Composer Residency | Campbellford, Canada
2017         Performing Arts Forum | St. Erme, France
2010-11    Private tuition with Hindustani slide guitarist Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya | Kolkata, India

2023        Graosido | OJKOS/Knut Kvifte Nesheim
2022        Let them eat the rich | ternOP
2022        Mensa Rotunda | OJKOS/Andreas Rotevatn
2022        Materialism | YAWN
2021         Miniatyrland | OJKOS / Johannes Solvang & Camilla Hole
2021         Poems for Flute | Henriette Eilertsen
2021         Live in 2010 With Mike McCormick | Solotet
2020        alea iacta est | OJKOS/Andreas Rotevatn
2020        nethuns: music for 14-piece ensemble | Michaela Antalová
2020        Proxemic Studies: Volume I | Mike McCormick
2018         The Proxemics EP | Mike McCormick
2018         First Frost | BRINICLE

   2021     Not quite a roopat, but rather glostibular for Higher-Order Ambisonics
   2019-   EIDOLON interactive improvisation algorithm
   2019     Zhujiajiao Study stereo acousmatic

   2022     Visit [under revision] video installation
   2020    SC Journal #2 audiovisual performance
   2019     SC Journal #1 audiovisual performance

   large ensemble
   2022     control_structures jazz orchestra
   2021     work song jazz orchestra
   2020    morning, in a sense jazz orchestra
   2019     The Northwest Passage jazz orchestra
   2018     smelt ore jazz orchestra

   chamber music
   2023     under: went soprano w/ electronics trio
   2021     5 short tempoems percussion trio
   2019     wintermezzo flute, cello, piano, and two assistants
   2019     panjandrum six percussionists with assistant
   2018     FATES two vocalists and electronics
   2016-   Proxemic Studies
                -alvorada                  -delicate matters        -isaac                 -in|takt                 -kon|takt
                -madness                 -moment: us                -moving on                 -over mountains (clouds)
                -triptych: I                -triptych: II                   -triptych: III                 -woodyard

2022        Embodied Perspectives on Musical AI | University of Oslo
2022        Fluid Corpus Manipulation Workshop | Notam, Oslo
2019         BEAST FEaST | University of Birmingham
2018         November Space | The Royal College of Music, Stockholm
2018         Nord+Mix Spatial Sound Workshop | Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

2017-18    RENEW: Reflective Entrepreneurship Music Education Worldclass
2017         International Summer Workshop | Siena Jazz
2017         Jazz Composition Workshop | Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory
2014         Banff Center for Arts and Creativity International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music

2021         "Composing with Technology" Guest Lecture | Online, hosted by University of Stavanger
2021         "Performing with SuperCollider" Guest Lecture | Online, hosted by Temple University
2020        "Creative Coding: SuperCollider for Composers" | Online, hosted by the Canadian League of Composers
2019-20   Making Waves: Laying the Groundwork for The Future of Music Technology | Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Georgia
2019         Private SuperCollider lessons | Norges musikkhøgskole, Norway
2019         Improvisation and SuperCollider Workshops | Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Georgia
2018         SuperCollider Workshop | Westben Performer-Composer Residency, Canada
2018         Improvisation and SuperCollider workshop w/ Monsters for Breakfast | Institut für Musik und Medien, Germany

2020-23   Co-chair/treasurer | nyMusikk’s Composer Group
2019-21     Booking Manager | OJKOS
2019-20    Co-Producer | Making Waves: Laying the Groundwork for The Future of Music Technology

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