2020        Norwegian Kulturfond: Publishing Grant for Music Recordings
2020        Canada Council for the Arts: Concept to Realization Grant
2019         The Norwegian Composer’s Fund: Commission Support
2018         Canada Council for the Arts: Concept to Realization Grant
2014         Don Wright Scholarship for accomplishment in the field of arranging
2013         First Prize, Galaxie Rising Stars Program for emerging artists

2020        Leveld Kunstnartun | Ål i Hallingdal, Norway
2019         Untitled Space July Artist-In-Residence | Shanghai, China
2018         Self-directed composition residency | Porto, Portugal
2018         Westben Performer-Composer Residency | Campbellford, Canada
2017         Performing Arts Forum | St. Erme, France
2010/11    Private tuition with Hindustani slide guitarist Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya | Kolkata, India

2021         Miniatyrland | OJKOS / Johannes Solvang & Camilla Hole
2021         Poems for Flute | Henriette Eilertsen
2021         Live in 2010 With Mike McCormick | Solotet
2020        alea iacta est | OJKOS/Andreas Rotevatn
2020        nethuns: music for 14-piece ensemble | Michaela Antalová
2020        Proxemic Studies: Volume I | Mike McCormick
2018         The Proxemics EP | Mike McCormick
2018         First Frost | BRINICLE

   2021     Not quite a roopat, but rather glostibular for Higher-Order Ambisonics
   2019-   EIDOLON interactive improvisation algorithm
   2019     Zhujiajiao Study stereo acousmatic
   2018     pyramidg generative composition
   2018     with|in performative installation
   2016     mind’s ear generative installation

   2020    SC Journal #2 audiovisual performance
   2019     SC Journal #1 audiovisual performance

   large ensemble
   2021     work song for jazz orchestra
   2020    morning, in a sense for jazz orchestra
   2019     The Northwest Passage for jazz orchestra
   2018     smelt ore for jazz orchestra

   chamber music
   2021     NYTT VERK for percussion trio (forthcoming)
   2019     wintermezzo for flute, cello, piano, and two assistants
   2019     panjandrum for six percussionists with assistant
   2018     FATES for two vocalists and electronics
   2016-18 Proxemic Studies
                -alvorada                  -delicate matters        -isaac                 -in|takt                 -kon|takt
                -madness                 -moment: us                -moving on                 -over mountains (clouds)
                -triptych: I                -triptych: II                   -triptych: III                 -woodyard
   2016     alloys|allies for brass quintet
   2016     Flesh & Blood: Anaïs Nin’s “Father Story” for solo performer with assistant
   2016     MOO)))N for choir, electric guitar and drum kit
   2016     our gems (morgues) for viola, french horn, and vibraphone
   2016     presque les bois for piano, trumpet, electric guitar, and percussion

2019         BEAST FEaST | University of Birmingham
2018         November Space | Electroacoustic Music Workshop in Stockholm
2018         Nord+Mix Spatial Sound Workshop
2017/18    RENEW: Reflective Entrepreneurship Music Education Worldclass
2017         Siena Jazz International Summer Workshop
2017         Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory Jazz Camp
2014         Banff Center for Arts and Creativity International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music
2013         TD Jazz Youth Summit at the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival
2012         Jazzworks Creative Workshop at the Edmonton International Jazz Festival

2021        "Composing with Technology" Guest Lecture — Online, hosted by University of Stavanger
2021        "Performing with SuperCollider" Guest Lecture — Online, hosted by Temple University
2020        "Creative Coding: SuperCollider for Composers" — Online, hosted by the Canadian League of Composers
2019/20   Making Waves: Laying the Groundwork for The Future of Music Technology — Tbilisi State Conservatoire | Tbilisi, Georgia
2019         Private SuperCollider lessons — Norges musikkhøgskole | Oslo, Norway
2019         Improvisation and SuperCollider Workshops — Tbilisi State Conservatoire | Tbilisi, Georgia
2018         SuperCollider Workshop — Westben Performer-Composer Residency | Campbellford, Canada
2018         Improvisation and SuperCollider workshop w/ Monsters for Breakfast — Institut für Musik und Medien | Düsseldorf, Germany

2019         Master of Music Performance Technology — Norges musikkhøgskole | Oslo, Norway
2017         Master of Music Performance – Nordic Master: The Composing Musician — Norges musikkhøgskole | Oslo, Norway
2015         Bachelor of Music in Performance with honours — University of Toronto | Toronto, Canada
2009        Performance Diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music — Grant MacEwan University | Edmonton, Canada

2020-21    Co-chair/treasurer | nyMusikk’s Composer Group
2019-21     Booking Manager | OJKOS
2019-21     Co-Producer | Making Waves: Laying the Groundwork for The Future of Music Technology

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