large ensemble    
2022 control_structures jazz orchestra
2021 work song jazz orchestra
2020 morning, in a sense jazz orchestra
2019 The Northwest Passage jazz orchestra
2018 smelt ore jazz orchestra
chamber music    
2023 with a droc instead of a borbin polytempic jazz quintet
2023 under: went soprano and electronics
2022 5 short tempoems percussion trio
2019 wintermezzo flute, cello, piano, and two assistants
2017/19 panjandrum six percussionists w/ assistant
2023 Coastline Paradox light installation
2022 Visit [Under Revision] video installation
2020 SC Journal #2 17’15”  audiovisual performance
2019 SC Journal #1 13’57”  audiovisual performance
2021 Not quite a roopat, but rather glostibular 8’06” 7th-Order Ambisonics
2019 EIDOLON interactive improvisation algorithm
2019 Zhujiajiao study 7’35”  stereo acousmatic
sound design    
2021 In-betweenness 30’ dance performance by Lisa Colette Bysheim
2021 IF ONLY 45’ dance performance by Lisa Colette Bysheim
2023 “Metal, samtid, kunstpop og en trang til å gå”
2023 Unofficial Channels: Metal Music Theory The Wire (issue 473)
2023 “Gratis utdanning er ikke gratis – og allerede ganske dyr for noen”