Photo by Ingeborg Bjerke Styve

ternOP is the latest project from Oslo-based improvisers Håkon Norby Bjørgo and Mike McCormick. Having played together for several years in the dynamic guitar trio BRINICLE, they are now exploring the depth and breadth of their intuitive connection in an entirely new setting. McCormick has dedicated the recent years to developing an improvisational vocabulary with his laptop, and this setting sees him performing real-time transformations of Bjørgo’s virtuosic contrabass playing.

In computer science, a ternary OPerator is a statement that takes three arguments – the third contributing element of their performance is an algorithm written by McCormick in the SuperCollider programming environment. This algorithm analyzes the music created by Bjørgo’s performance and McCormick’s processing, and then acts independently by altering processes or instigating new ones.

Their debut album “Let them eat the rich” was released on Smia records in 2022.